Waving Flag | Hongqi Automobile Exhibition Center

Location: Chengdu

Year: 2018

GFA: 7,000 sqm


Hongqi automobile, as a long-established enterprise, embodies the Chinese aesthetics. The exhibition center not only introduces the image of the brand, but also functions as the reception of the town for visitors. The scheme seeks to interpret the spirit of Hongqi Automobile with an architectural language. Starting from the metaphor of "Red flag", the exhibition center sets in a form that is dynamic and visually iconic- just like a flag dancing in the wind, not only celebrates the leadership of the great national brand, but also stands for tenacity and vitality.


The plan of the exhibition center is similar to a deformed pentagon. The curved façade naturally defines plazas on site and forms entrances of the building. The roof canopy is a composition of latticed wood beams, with a slot of opening in the center allowing natural light to flood the space below. The programs are also organized in zones of circular formations under the sprawling roof. The interior space is fluid and flexible, further emphasizing the dynamic nature of the brand.

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