“Savhe” in Community | Aegean Center Atour Hotel

Location: Shanghai

Year: 2018-2020

GFA: 15,800 sqm


We cooperate with Atour in developing a new typology of hotel, which focuses on a community-oriented model. Instead of simply providing services for the guests staying at the place, it creates all sorts of shared programs in the public area for the people from the neighborhoods within the distance of 3 km.


The most striking characteristic of the site is a triangular atrium of 7 levels. The scale of the space reminds us of those we encountered in chapels. To celebrate that, we utilize the existing atrium structure to create a spiritual space -"SAVHE", featuring a reading function. The "SAVHE" is enclosed by bookshelf of 3-story high and the building envelope of the upper floors painted in a matching color. The continuity of materials drives our views all the way upwards until they reach the sky.


A membrane canopy is added on top of the opening, protecting the "SAVHE" while allowing the natural light to cast down and activate the space. A reflection pool centers the atrium and captures the changing light and renders an atmosphere of serenity. The mood of the "SAVHE" encourages people to slow down and meditate for a moment.


The existing structure has the constraints of deep beams. A continuous roof-scape folds and extends, acting as a powerful architectural gesture that dominates the space. It not only conceals the beams, but also defines the space for the diverse programs underneath it- breakfast station, bar, co-working space, reading area, meeting rooms, multifunctional rooms, etc.


The design of guest rooms also starts from the site condition of large clearance and depth. In order to create a scale of intimacy with rich layers, Room A is divided from the front to the back into three zones connected by an extending pitch roof. The zone next to the building facade is planned as "the fourth space", which is able to transform into themed configuration, such as teahouse, fitness club, family room, home theater, etc., providing the guests with abundant options for room typologies. 


Room B aims to create a feeling of living in an art gallery. Multiple L-shaped masses varying in sizes and materials, interlock with one another and frame the views from different angles. Meanwhile, the spaces are defined within a framework of appropriate scales. Paintings and accessories are placed with care for the guests in specific spots, giving them the unique experience of being surrounded by art works in gallery.


For the suites, as they benefit from vistas of urban greenery from two directions, we envision a scenario of "Party in the woods". Multiple walls taking the shape of the trees are set up, not only as visual elements, but also define the programs in space. Arranged with different orientations, the walls bring about the feeling of being in the woods.


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