Energy Bowl | Creative Campus Community Center

Location: Chengdu

Year: 2019

GFA3,000 sqm



We are invited to participate in a Chengdu-Shanghai architectural design competition. The competition sparked a cutting-edge attempt on future architecture by designing a community center in Sichuan International Creative Design Campus.


We believe the bond between human and nature is essential. It exists even before the invention of the notion of architecture. Therefore architecture in the future should be able to better connect the human and the nature in an interactive way. It could give us energy and triggers emotions within the mind, the same way as the immense universe. The scheme is titled as "the Energy Bowl". 


We try to create a dynamic building that puts the different culture backgrounds of the two cities in a dialogue. The city of Chengdu, as the “treasure bowl” enclosed by the mountains, is a place rich in natural resources. While Shanghai, with the influence of Huangpu River and the sea, builds up a culture that is open to diversity. The community center tries to interpret the nature of the two cities in space. The curved ring of gallery space is fluid and allows the visitors to stroll easily around the site. On the other hand, the core space designed for immersive exhibition, sits quietly in the center of a reflection pond. The contrasting atmospheres are brought together by the curved promenades and landscape in a harmonious way. The architecture is alive; it breathes and absorbs energy from the nature.

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