Wisdom Valley | Meilin Intelligent Manufacturing Center

Location: Shenzhen

Year: 2020

GFA: 90,000 sqm


The project deals with a unique condition of an existing metro line that cuts through the site. We try to respond to the constraints in an active attitude and turn it into a feature. The towers are therefore placed on the opposite corners of site and the space above the metro, which is not appropriate for deep foundations, is turned into an urban promenade. The masses of two towers slightly incline towards each other, as a result, a stronger bond is formed between them and a dialogue is created. As opposed to being two independent bodies, they become a unified whole. 


The space in between is designed as a continuous vertical public interface. A three-dimensional vibrant community- the “Wisdom Valley” is formed. It is a place for public events, attracting the flow of people and energy into the center of the site and inspiring collaboration and exchange of ideas.


An atrium gradually tapers when it extends from the ground to the top. On ground level, it not only introduces the greenery of the surrounding park, but also serves as a hub for people to gather and relax, and becomes a popular destination of the city. A series of shared spaces are distributed to facilitate communication and interaction. Diverse public programs are created in all zones of towers, serving community with the right placement of amenities. Bridges and platforms of varied scales also connect the towers, providing the tenants with flexible workspace. 

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