Flowing Notes | Liget Museum of Music

Location: Budapest,

Year: 2016

GFA:15,000 sqm


The inspiration comes from the notes in music, the melody that lingers at the end of the river. The architecture takes a form that is dynamic and melodic. When visitors approach the museum, they experience the architecture differently from different points of views. It is iconic, yet blends in gracefully with the environment in the city park.


When entering the lobby, eyes are caught immediately by the fluid space of the atrium and a sculptural spiral staircase. Different programs are organized around the atrium connected by ramps and corridors, allowing visitors to stroll with ease. A skylight illuminates the space from above. The changing light and shadow through the day renders a changing atmosphere in the atrium, the same way the emotion changes in the movements of a symphony.


The architecture is elegant, dynamic, and full of rhythms, like a piece of music itself. It re-interprets the nature and the music in an architectural context, enhancing our experience of appreciating the art.

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