Chasing the Wind | Panda Base Sightseeing Tower

Location: Chengdu

Year: 2019

GFA:2,460 sqm


The lush natural environment of the site inspires us, and makes us rethink about the co-existing relationship between the nature and the innumerable lives living in it. We create a viewing tower that resonates with the pulse of nature. The tower tries to capture the movement around it- the charmingly naive panda, the growing bamboo shoots, the falling leaves in the wind- and turns them into a dynamic form of architecture. It is always moving and breathing with its surroundings.


The tower is made up with 2 parts- the ramps on the outside and the platforms with programs in the center. The ramps embody the fluidity of the wind. Visitors are able to appreciate the park in panorama when ascending. The platforms are closely connected to the ramps and stagger in elevation. The contrasting materiality also enhances visually the movement of the tower. The red concrete of the ramps is solid and rustic, shaping the skeleton of the tower like a sculpture; on the other hand, the transparent screen is delicate and almost intangible, it flutters and shimmers in the wind and light.

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