A Drop of Water | Seagull Headquarter Campus

Location: Jiaxing

Year: 2018-2020

GFA:98,000 sqm


The campus is for the design and manufacture of the integrated bathroom product of Seagull. The masterplan is made up of various building typologies, such as factories, logistics, offices, exhibition hall, dormitory and amenities. Taking the center stage of the campus, the office building is designed as the metaphoric expression of "a drop of water” on the land, and the rest of the programs are organized around it like the container of water. The campus is planned in a manner that promotes efficiency and connectivity- responding to the nature of the manufacturing business and celebrating the cultural image of the company.


The office is set in the middle of a reflection pool, the gently ascending landscape is designed in layers to achieve the visual effect that the building is floating on the water and creating rings of ripples. It is an oval-shaped building. The angles of the aluminum panels gradually change with the curved geometry, resulting in a dynamic facade. Lights are filtered through the perforations and cast changing shadows for the interior space.


The layout of the factories seeks to create non-interrupted space that optimizes efficiency. The interior space is illuminated by the natural light coming from the slots of windows both on the ceilings and on the walls. Each column bay is opened up so that even lighting conditions and better ventilation could be achieved for the space. The facade of the factory is make up of 2 materials- the solidity and heaviness of red brick grounds the building, while the lightness and cold-preciseness of the steel panels applied on the upper part adds a modern traits. The upper part features corrugated steel panels in a gently curved configuration, reminiscent of the rippling surface of water. When illuminated by sunlight, the shadows cast on the panels are in the profile of the seagull, paying tribute to the company's logo.

Connector | Pengbo Ecological Tower