Connector | Pengbo Ecological Tower

Location: Xi’an

Year: 2020

GFA: 15,800 sqm


Programming of the project covers all sorts of business formats, including F&B, retail, co-working space, youth hotel, etc. How to solve the connectivity between different programs, how to sort out the circulation for each user groups, and how to create a vertical community with a strong identity? These become the biggest challenges for the project.


A framework is created within the envelope of the building. The framework stretches all the way from the entrance towards the void, and wraps around spaces of each level in different ways. It serves as a strong visual element in the space, and attracts people into the community and brings in the energy of the city as well. It also allows people to navigate when moving through the levels. Natural light is brought in from the top and activates the space below. The light is filtered through the screen of varying transparency of the framework, and creates changing atmosphere.


"The Connector" extends both in plan and in section and link with all the programs around it. The framework easily adapts to all sorts of programs. Through careful design, it could extend and transform, it could be transparent or solid, become partitions, or integrate with furniture and lighting, etc. In this way, the connector is versatile.

Terraced Mine | Diamond Museum Complex